Resin art is a type of art where the artist creates a sculpture from a mold that is cast in resin. The sculpture can be any shape or size, and it can be made from any material that can be cast in resin. It’s typically made from polyester resin, but you can also use epoxy, vinyl ester, polyurethane, etc.

The materials needed for this type of art are:

-Polyester Resin or any other kind of casting resin

-A mold for the sculpture

-A release agent

-A release agent brush

-An airbrush to apply the release agent

-A palette knife to mix and apply the release agent

If you are interested in creating resin art, you will need to get a few things first. These include:

– Resin (You can find this at your local craft store)

– A mold (You can make one out of clay or buy one that is already made)

– Acrylic paint (The colors that you want to use for your artwork)

– A brush (This can be a paintbrush or a sponge brush)

– Paper towels (Use these to wipe the excess paint off of the brush and the surface of your mold)

– A palette knife or spoon (This is optional but it can help with mixing the paints on your palette and applying them to the surface of your mold).

Resin art is a type of art where the artist uses a resin-based product to create their work. The resin is mixed with color and other materials to produce a variety of effects.

Here are the materials you will need:

– Resin

– Acrylic paint

– Paintbrushes

– Acrylic sealer