Creating A Long
Lasting Memory

Here at Resinating pictures, we have developed a different concept in picture framing ensuring your most precious memories are protected and long lasting.

What We Make

The Perfect Gift

Durable Product

High Gloss Finish Product

Sizes Available in A3 and A4

Own Production

The process is quite simple, we print your picture out on a professional quality photo printer. We then place it on a timber board with the background colour of your choice.

The next step we apply a high-quality epoxy resin, it is then sanded down and finished off on high gloss clear paint.

It is then framed with an aluminium channel around the edge sealing it in.

Super Tough Gloss Finish

Using this method to encase your picture ensures that it will remain long lasting and clear for years to come.

It has been tested for durability and toughness so if accidentally dropped it will not break so no replacing glass frames that shatter.

The Perfect Gift

Give the gift of everlasting memories to someone you love, knowing that they will have it for many years to enjoy without worrying about it fading or breaking.